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Future Of Tomorrow


Our mission is to shape the future of tomorrow, utilizing new technologies and creating an innovative interlinked network, fostering growth on a global scale while contributing to solving key issues of today’s society.

A Fund

For a New Era

SP1 is a venture capital seed fund specialized in new era digital ventures, seeking opportunities in new and inspiring ventures globally where we can utilize our deep connections and presence in the tech and business communities.

SP1 Capital are looking to partner with ambitious partners and tech entrepreneurs with the possibility to create sector defining software products and companies disrupting current markets in areas such as: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Digital Assets, Machine Learning. SP1 invest and partner with both B2C and B2B opening up its own world-class network to ensure execution on the highest level.

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More Than

an Investor

Building Partnerships

We integrate your company within our existing framework of high profile business, political, press & creative connections

Utilize our Team

Utilize our in-house senior developers, renowned designers, content creators, videographers and press relations to create and market to the world.

Quality Capital

We strongly believe in syndicating and building an investor base with not only capital but deep industry experience and connections

Ideation to Execution

We are interested in and partner with companies of all stages, from pre-seed to c-rounds.



Salvatore Palella
CEO & Founder

Jonathan Hannestad

Milos Citakovic
Head of Technology

Stefano Ciravegna
Crypto Advisory

Michele De Buono
Blockchain Development

Nima Ghassemi
Head of Social Media

SP1 is devoted to build and develop unique products, technologies and experiences that will shape tomorrow.

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